Catbird Paddle 2021

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Photo: Mair Lake



Here are just a few of our favourite spots to paddle!


South Frontenac

Devil Lake
This is one of our favorites! Devil Lake has over thirty islands, a great lunch spot overlooking the lake, and a super fun jumping rock. The crystal clear water makes it perfect for swimming and exploring. When the sun is up, the devils face appears in the rocks. It's a great spot to paddle for all levels.


North Frontenac

Round Schooner Lake via Long Schooner Lake
We load the boats in the south end of the Long Lake and paddle approx. 3km to the narrows into the crystal clear Round Schooner Lake. It's a good rip! The lake has a big granite wall with plenty of great shoreline spots to stop for a rest or a swim. There are a couple of little beaches, a short hike that gives you a nice view of the lake, and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the resident bald eagle that nests on one of the islands.  

Mair Lake
This lake is really fun to paddle! No portage. Mair Lake is super clear and bright from all the limestone. There's a lot of great shoreline spots to eat lunch and relax. If the sun is high and the wind is low, its magical!


Algonquin Park

Baron River/Baron Canyon
This day trip starts with a 100m portage down to the launch site into the Baron River. Then we paddle down to Bringham Lake, and from there, another 100m portage around small rapids fallowed by a 400m portage down around the chute and into the Baron Canyon. The canyon walls rise up over 300feet!