Catbird Paddle 2021

The adventure starts when you toss a board in the water somewhere you've never been before.



There’s something about the rhythm of the paddle and the sweeping  view  from a paddleboard  that is truly amazing! With the gentle paddle in your hand and the jostling of waves underfoot, it’s impossible not to smile. Stand Up Paddle boarding is easy to learn and a great way to explore our beautiful rivers and lakes. If you can stand up, you can paddleboard and quickly progress and develop the skills necessary to improve your core strength and balance; or just get out for some fun in the sun. Catbird paddle has several Stand Up Paddleboards and we have kayaks too, if you would rather the view sitting down. Located in Ottawa, we offer guided day trips up the valley, Frontenac, Calabogie and Algonquin Park. Step on to the water with Catbird paddle….its super fun! A complete nose to toe workout.